A B O U T   T H E   A R T I S T

Casey Neal is a traditional artist based out of Northern Utah. He specializes in using white and black charcoal to create detailed and dramatic illustrations depicting nature. He received his first pencil set at 9 years old and has been drawing ever since. He taught himself the art of realism drawing long before attending his first art class. Casey eventually studied art in college and learned proficiency in charcoal drawing from one of his favorite artists, Professor McGarren Flack. Following his art education he was inspired to leave his job and take a chance surviving entirely on his artwork. He has never looked back. 

Casey spends the majority of his time working in his studio or photographing wildlife with his cameras. Spending most of his life in the mountains, he has developed a deep appreciation for the natural world. That appreciation for nature is surely displayed in his artwork, as he primarily draws views taken from his time in the wilderness. He captures a moment with his camera, and then draws the moment in great detail as he works from the photo. These original drawings can take anywhere from a single day to a year to complete.